Introductory to Financial Accounting

Decisions are made on a daily basis. They can be small decisions like deciding what to eat …

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Decisions are made on a daily basis. They can be small decisions like deciding what to eat for breakfast or large decisions like deciding whether to invest in a certain company. Our days are almost entirely comprised of decision making. Decisions will yield different outcomes and may provide you with more reward or risk–Financial Accounting is similar. Financial Accounting information is used for decision making. We’ll see that everything we report within Financial Accounting will affect a users’ decision.

Financial Accounting information also provides insight as to whether our company is performing as expected. How long can we operate until our cash runs out? Are we financially stable as a company? In today’s marketplace it is imperative that every company has an accounting system in place to answer these questions. As we go through each segment, we’ll see how Financial Accounting is an essential part of any business.


In this series we’ll introduce Financial Accounting and cover the fundamentals  to help you succeed in class or in practice. The first few tutorials will be theory based to understand what Financial Accounting is, and then we’ll seamlessly transition into elements and more complex subjects. After going through these videos we expect you to be ready to start our next course which is Intermediate Financial Accounting I.

The following topics will be covered within Introductory to Financial Accounting:

–   Basics of Financial Accounting

–   Elements of Financial Accounting

–   Reporting and the Double Entry Accounting System

–   The Accounting Cycle

–   Preparing Financial Statements

–   Revenue Recognition

–   Merchandise Inventory

–   Receivables and Write Offs

–   Fixed Assets and Gains and Losses

–   Intangible Assets

–   Cash Flow Statements

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    This course was heavensent for me. prof Dave made me understand the concept s and principles behind each lecture. The examples were spot on and simple enough. He impressed me so much that I am willing to study all his courses here for my own easy understanding and progress. I had a glitch in my computer that refuses to save and grade my quizzes?! Perfect learning website !! I thank u Prof Dave… When I pass the board you’ll hear from me again!!! Vonn

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